Thursday, 9 April 2015

Finally IELTS Life Skills has marked the Beginning of New A1 Test

Consistent yet some major changes in UK Visa Immigration Services are tossing candidates for Spouse as well as Student Visa since long. Seriously the anticipation regarding changes in UKVI rules is always as high as sky scrapers. It would be worth mentioning that UKBA really cracked some serious whip against illegal immigration and in doing so they have been quite successful. But for every action there is equal reaction and this impact of UKBA reduced the income, they used to generate from international students.

This is not all, now immigration authorities have set aim of their weapon towards Spouse Settlement cases. The biggest evidence to support this argument is, the consistent and serious changes in rules and regulations. If you are offering your services for UK Visa Spouse Settlement case in Pakistan commonly and in region Punjab, Attock specifically then you would come across lot of people who would ask from you, Sir, “ Will the annual funds going to be reduced from 18600 to 12000 GBP?” Or their most interesting question would be. Sir, “One of lady was saying if UK Government is about to end English requirement for Spouse Visa?”

Once again UKVI services made some serious changes regarding Secure English Language Tests.  It’s been long since candidates were expecting some huge list of new tests but unfortunately no one other than IELTS Life Skills and Trinity plunged into this so far. Though IELTS Life Skills test has marked the beginning of the new SELT list yet candidates of ESOL countries have some serious concerns over the complexity of Paper.

Let’s wait and see we get some other members in that crew or the Cambridge test IETLS would remain the only key player in this whole scenario. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Will City and Guilds Be able to re offer A1 Spouse Settlement

Ups and downs are part of life. There is a situation when things either get up or they get down. Some of the rapid and some periodic changes in UK immigration rules have changed almost the whole paradigm. Obtaining Visa, which once was quite an easy task has now become catch-22 to many of those who want to gain entry route into British basing upon Spouse Settlement.

Approved test list of UKBA has seen numerous changes ranging from TOEIC to Trinity and from KET to City and Guilds but here the whole credit goes to City and Guilds that remained in the list and fought till its last breathe.

Many of us are familiar with the mentioned saying that “Nothing is immortal in the universe and every beginning has an end. “ Same happened to one of the beloved test and now finally the wait is over. UKBA once again has shocked many of its followers by taking a decision to revamp tests list for 2015. It has been further stated that the contract of City and Guilds with the said organization has come to an end and luckily they got an extension til November 5th of 2015, which implies that those who are holding this life time test are supposed to submit their documents till the date mentioned, failing which will make the certificate not an appropriate qualification.

Further elaboration revealed those candidates who wish to make an appearance for the IESOL or SESOL qualifications and that of particularly in City and Guilds must ensure to appear in the test on or before April 5, 2015.

However, it is also important to mention in the best interest of candidates who have already appeared in the tests should submit their cases as soon as possible. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Change is natural and it has to

Don’t you think how easy it was to get Visa for the United Kingdom? In case of student all you need to had an admission in the college and with little or no other legitimate documentation, it was like get set go. Same was the case with the spouse settlement, who were not aware with these A1 sort of things, neither there was any pay slips issue. These are the blessings of our ancestors and their short cuts that let British authorities to think and to shrink their policies. The cog of life kept on rolling and the latest amendments keep on facilitating but at the same time impeding the illegal immigrants from entering to UK.

 Now perpetual and rapid changes of UK immigration policies have let the people to think twice and thrice before applying for the Visa. Though at the same time these alterations and updates are good for many of the people but at the same time these things are proving sort of hindrance for those who are genuine and are stuck into their homeland on account of some reasons.

Another interesting thing is about the scrutiny of these ISEOL and IESOL tests. UKBA no doubt is updating its list on the daily basis but here the point is, What about those students who appeared in their tests and cleared their tests with their own will power and were not involved in any illegal practice? Removing test from list is quite easy but then to give backup to the clients and the peers, never considered either by UKBA nor the awarding bodies who claimed to be the Lender of Last Resort for them.

However all such candidates who have been effected with any such thing should not get worry at all as they may consult with the Modern School of English and our ardent staff will help you out to set your sail in the right direction. 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Spouse Settlement Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Spouse Settlement for England Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Moving abroad either for earning livelihood or to settle down, no doubt every ones urge is. We either forget or start disbelieving that Cherrisher; The Almighty will bless us and will keep on feeding us irrespective of geographical differences.
Most of us, rather everyone of us has certain ambitions, someone want to excel their careers by studying abroad and then getting back to serve their homeland. On the other hand there are number of people who get marry from foreign countries and want to obtain settlement visa so they can get either the Residence Permit or may claim the nationality.
As far As, Pakistan is concerned many of our inhabitants are residing abroad. This is the reason our foreign reserves contribute much portion in our financial picture. A careful estimate shows, we can find almost 78 different countries where Pakistani folks are living. Some of the dominant countries are USA, Canada, Turkey, North Cyprus and The Great Britian part of United Kingdom.

Behin the times travelling to UK was just a cup of tea and a large number of people availed this opportunity. One of the major reasons was ease of Visa process and there was a time when no Visa was needed. (According to our Ancestors.)
The ball of life then kept on rolling and implementation of new laws and regulations then redesigned the whole paradigm.

Now moving to UK and that of without having IESOL and SESOL qualifications is like building castles in the air, specifically if you are going for any purpose other than visitor. UK is not the only country rather lot more countries are lodging IESOL and SESOL qualifications from those who wish to travel to these countries.

Passing different level of English Tests like A1, B1, C1 was not an easy task and candidates had to do lot of struggle either by paying huge fee or by moving to places like Islamabad, Rawalpindi etc.  Moreover, institutes started exploiting students as well as their kins who were not very well versed with the whole scenario specifically candidates from the rural areas like Attock, Abbottabad and Mirpur.

To excel the career path of those who wish to travel abroad in general and to United Kingdom in particular, Modern School of English then took the responsibility.

 By rendering our services to more than 200 hundred students across Attock and and Abbottabad, lot more students gained ground from other corners of the Pakistan as well.

Now Booking an online test for the UK or seeking expert advice regarding your case study is just a click away from you people. We don’t end up here, rather spicy and sizzling updates of our observers will keep on increasing the zest of your fervor.